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Half day - Interactive Art Tour.

- Get involved  - Get to interact with the artists - See, appreciate the different aspects of art  - Get inspired  - See a short demo  Includes the Ndyelo experience: Live performances, arts and craft activities and an amazing panafrican cuisine, bound to make you return for more.   

Half Day - Stone works and Crafts Tour.

See amazing sculptures from our local artists beautifully arranged at The Shona Sculpture Gallery. Then visit the National Handicraft Center with craftsmanship distinctly portrayed in basketry, pottery, ethnic jewellery, traditional musical instruments, wood and stone carvings, crochet work etc. Then finish off with the Ndyelo experience - delicious panafrican cuisine. 

Full day - Fine Art, Crafts and Hand Crafted Authentic Jewellery Tour 

Step into Gallery Delta one of the oldest galleries that opened its doors in 1975 to offer a platform for the local artists. From there a visit to the Verandah Gallery, in the private home of Anna Fleming. Finish the day off with some locally crafted authentic jewellery at Silver Box Jewellery and Dendera Gallery. A lunch stopover in between, at Ndyelo is simply irresistable!    

Full day - All inclusive Tour

An early start with the sculptures at The Shona Sculpture Gallery, then see the crafts works at Dendera Gallery. From there a visit the the Gallery Delta for some fine art experience before the lunch break at Ndyelo. The tour continues within the same complex to the National Handicraft centre for the basketry, pottery, woodworks etc as well as the interactive sessions and demos with our group of local artists. The day continues to the Verandah gallery for more art, paintings, metal art works and postcards tea towels etc. Final stop over at the Silver Box Jewellery to see the creation of hand crafted authentic jewellery. Perfect for gifts as well. 

Create your own experience tour !!

Choose from our partners where you want to go, the experience you are looking for and we will custom make the tour for you.